Who We Are

MAT is registered as a professional association under the societies ordinance SONO 4102. It was formed in 1965. The association brings together Medical professionals eligible for practice in Tanzania

How Can You Help Us Fight COVID-19?

  • Personal Protective Equipments for COVID-19
  • Health Care workers frontiers
  • Medical Equipments such as N95 Masks, Thermometrers, Sanitizers etc

Monetary Aid

The Following MAT Official Bank Accounts have been made available for offline/ manual Deposits.

NMB (Account Name: Medical Association of Tanzania
Account No: 20910017219)

NBC ( Account Name: Medical Association of Tanzania
Account No: 011103008123)

STANBIC ( Account Name: Medical Association of Tanzania
Account No: 9120002122527)

We Help Medical Practitioners

Bring together all Medical  doctors, Dentists and all other interested parties.

Participate in an Event

We host a number of medical events and Conferences, thus welcoming all members and interested stake holders. All events details will be shared on Annual MAT event calendar.

Join Our Team

Gain Full Access to all MAT Benefits and Services including Representation for individuals and groups in all matters affecting the Medical profession such as Professional development.

What we Do

Ensuring, maintaining and safeguarding the rights, interests, privileges and welfare of its members, while ensuring that they uphold a high standard of medical ethics and conduct.

Support Our Campaigns

You can be part of this ongoing MAT movement. Let's join our hands together by supporting us so we can help improve the public health system and disease prevention.

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MAT Serves Over

Active Members

MAT Leadership

MAT leadership council members for the year 2016/2018


Dr. Shadrack Mwaibambe


MD, MMED Orthopaedic Surgeon, Superspecialized in spine surgery working at Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute. Read More


Dr. Lilian R. Mnabwiru

Hon. Secretary General

MD, MMED Obstetrician & Gynecologist Fertility Specialist MNH Mother of lovely young ambitious girl Charity Yassin  Read More

Dr. Elisha Osati

Immediate Past President

MD, MMED Internal Medicine physician he is currently enrolled in pursuing PhD studies at University of Bergen Norway Read More


Dr. Catherine Swai


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We Call Upon all Medical Doctors in Tanzania to Join the Association

Member benefits and services after joining MAT

Professional Development

MAT offers its subscribed members unrestricted access to information that includes access to advice

Human Resources for Health

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Intern Support

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