About MAT

About Us

Tanzania Medical Association(MAT) is a voluntary membership organization open to all medical practitioners registered in the United Republic of Tanzania. MAT is registered as a Non Governmental Organisation under the societies ordinance SONO 4102. It was formed in 1965. The association brings together medical professionals eligible for practice in Tanzania.

MAT is an association of medical professionals practicing in Tanzania. The association has more than 1,000 registered members countrywide practicing in the private and public sector. Any medical practitioner registered by the medical Council of Tanganyika can be a member of the association.

Currently, the association is formed by 10 different associations namely;

  1. Tanzania Medical Students Association (TAMSA) – 1968
  2. Tanzania Surgeons Association – 1969
  3. Association of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians of Tanzania (AGOTA) – 1974
  4. Paediatric Association of Tanzania (PAT) – 1979
  5. Tanzania Public Health Association (TPHA) – 1980
  6. Tanzania Dental Association (TDA) – 1980
  7. Tanzania Diabetes Association – 1985
  8. Medical Women Association of Tanzania (MEWATA) – 1987
  9. Association of Physicians in Tanzania – 2000
  10. Tanzania Orthopaedic Association (TOA) – 2009

MAT has the mandate to promote the medical and allied sciences, to maintain the honour and interests of the medical professions and to uphold a high standard of medical ethics and conduct among its members.To act as representative body of the medical profession in Tanzania and to liaise with and advise the Government on health and medical matters. To ensure, maintain and safeguard the interests privileges and welfare of its members.

Evidence based quality and ethical medical practise for all healthcare staff.

To promote the art and science of medicine and allied sciences, in order to maintain the honour and interest of the medical profession and attain the highest level of quality healthcare services in Tanzania by 2015.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Continued Professional Development, through conducting annual scientific conferences on key public health issues.
  2. Providing evidence based information to influence policy through the Tanzania Medical Journal published quarterly.
  3. Support adherence of high standard of medical ethics in clinical and public health practice by its members through the dissemination of the MAT booklet, Guiding Principles on Medical Ethics and Human Rights in Tanzania.


The following are MAT leadership council members for the years 2016/2018

1 Dr. Obadia V. Nyongole President MUHAS 0713 535907 onyongole@yahoo.co.uk
2 Dr.  Elisha Osati President  Elect MNH 0786 902753/ 0714 553237 elishaosati@yahoo.com/elishaoosati@gmail.com
3 Dr. Mariam Ngaeje Secretary General MARIE STOPES TANZANIA 0683 623439 Mariamngaeje@gmail.com
4 Dr. Juma Mfinanga Treasurer MNH 0715 517580 jumamfinanga@gmail.com
5 Dr. Billy Haonga Immediate Past President MOI 0754 563761 bhaonga@gmail.com
6 Dr. Hendry  Sawe Editor TMJ MNH 0754 885658 tzmjournal@gmail.com
7 Prof. Andrew Swai Council Member TDA 0754 223972 abmswai@gmail.com
8 Dr. Raymond Mwenesano Council Member MNH 0755 447793 drmwenesano@yahoo.com
9 Dr. Valeria Ndomba Council Member TEMEKE 0752 065252 ndombavaleria@gmail.com
10 Dr. Alfred Meremo Council Member UDOM 0757 554515 meremoal@gmail.com/meremoal@yahoo.com
11 Dr. Remigius Rugakingila Council Member UDOM 0767 127660 andyremmy@hotmail.com
12 Dr. Hezron Nevellin Council Member MPWAPWA 0682 651616 nevelinhzron@gmail.com
13 Dr. Hamisi Hema Council Member AICC-ARUSHA 0762 181370 Hamisi.mahuna@tpc.co.tz
14 Mwanasheria MAT MNH 0713304149

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