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MAT to enrich public with real time, credible info on COVID-19

The Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT) in collaboration with MedicoPRESS, a medical journalism organization and MODISH, a creative agency; have embarked on a project that aims to enrich Kiswahili-speaking communities with credible and real time information on coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) granted a content provider’s license to MAT on May 19, setting off a series of public education articles via the web portal: whose establishment and design was supported by Stanbic Tanzania.

Through the initiative, MAT aims at providing health education to the general public in simple language by leveraging a network of health professionals across Tanzania and the editorial experience of medical writers/ editors from MedicoPRESS as well as the creativity of IT experts from MODISH.

“This will help in dealing with the misinformation that has been making rounds on social media about the coronavirus and COVID-19,’’ says the President of MAT Dr Elisha Osati who is the patron of the project.

“We are looking forward to the support of stakeholders to help in sustaining the public education services being offered through this platform,’’ Dr Osati adds.

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