Membership Types

Membership Categories

Ordinary Membership – Apply

Every practitioner registered to practice medicine or dentistry by the Medical Council of Tanganyika shall be eligible for ordinary membership.

Associate Membership – Apply

Any person, who holds a medical or dental qualification which may not be registrable by the Medical Council of Tanganyika, or who holds qualification approved by the National Council in Para-medical or biological sciences, shall be eligible for associate membership.

Student Membership – Apply

Students studying at the Medical or Dental faculty of any recognized University or College shall be eligible for associate membership.

Honorary Membership

The National Council confer honorary membership by election of individuals, who are not ordinary or associate Members of the Association, who have made outstanding contributions for the promotion of the objectives of the Association.

Foreign Members – Apply

Medical and dental practitioners who are registered in foreign countries may apply to be elected as foreign members.


Shall be a high honour conferred to exceptionally distinguished person who has rendered outstanding services to the Association or who has distinguished herself/himself in the field of medicine, dentistry ( or human welfare as so merit a special recognition).

How one becomes a member

All members of the Association shall be elected by the Council or by a committee authorized by the Council.

Every candidate for membership shall apply in writing to the Association indicating professional qualifications and abridged curriculum vitae.

Every candidate shall state in his/her application his/her agreement, if elected to abide by the Constitution, Rules and Ethics of the Association.